Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Babies Givith, And They Taketh Away

The girls are voracious eaters when it comes to bottles just like Little Blue was. As such, even with both at them running the 7oz mark, I could get both of them changed, fed, and burped in 30 minutes or so.

For about the past month or so, Pink and I have been working on getting them adjusted to rice cereal. Pink either did this solo at dinner while I was clerking at the 'brary, or I helped with their before bedtime feeding.

So, needless to say, I was happy. I had a tag team partner or Pink got the brunt of the upfront learning.

We've since expanded to twice a day for the ceral, and feeding time has gone from 30 minutes back to a little over an hour. Teal tends to suffer from "this isn't fast enough" syndrome and gets a little whiney about a third of the way in when the food source isn't as constant as a bottle. Purple? She slams it down, if not a little too over eager at diving into the spoon so I've got to be careful she's not gagging on it.

So, I make triple sure Little Blue and I eat lunch before I even attempt to feed the girls, or we're eating lunch around 2 and dinner around 4:30.

Pink and I did remember the trick of making the ceral a tad on the thick side, and the baby drool help thins it out as the feeding goes on. Makes for an easier time when the food sticks to the flat baby spoons. Still, you've got to have hardcore patience for it, espeically when they're learning. Soon enough they'll be slamming down the food, but until then...patience.

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