Friday, March 14, 2008

Smart Cell Phone Contacts

Cool article on some cell phone numbers you should have in your cell phone's address book but don't.

Another tip I can offer is to mark your cell phone entries how people relate to you rather than their name in case people find your phone and need to get in touch with them.

I.E. Pink's cell isn't listed by her name, it's listed as Spouse's Cell

And I did the ICE entries too. ICE being In Case of Emergency.

10 Handy Numbers to Save in Your Mobile Phone

Handy Numbers for your Mobile Phone“Always be prepared!”  That’s the Boy Scout motto.  Here are 10 phone numbers we could care less about until the moment we need them, at which point they save us time, money and general peace of mind.  Do yourself a favor and take 10 minutes to program each of these handy numbers into your mobile phone.  I promise you, the convenience you will gain from it someday is priceless.

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