Friday, March 14, 2008

Double Dose of RSV

Pink took Purple back to the Doctor Wednesday and they rested her for RSV

Interruption from Little Blue, for taking away some TV time for actions performed yesterday, talking from his room, "Daddy, can I come show you a cool car?"


"Look," he says as he gets to the top of the stairs."

"Bring it down here and show me!"

He hesitantly starts to come down. "Don't worry buddy, you won't be in trouble." I told him because he didn't get to watch TV, and I wanted too, he had to play in his room for a bit. I really don't care if I watch TV or not, I wanted to make sure he would play by himself for a while. He tends to latch on to whatever I'm doing, including cleaning. Got to build a little independence. Besides, it's fun to hear him play... I think T-Rex is eating some hot wheels. We'll probably read some books later.


...had Purple tested for RSV again and sure enough, she had it, plus an ear infection. We just have to keep and eye on here, ensure she eats well, and give her antibiotic for the ear infection.

One of the pains of parenthood is watching your children going through a sickness, then compound it with very little medicine that's safe for them to take. No medicine for RSV (which is like a chest cold to you and me, with the high capability to get worse fast when you only weigh 13 pounds). A lot of nose bulbing, flegm coughs, wet mucusy poo, and a LOT of patience when he comes to feeding.

If you've got muck in your throat, the last thing you want to drink is milk, and that's all the little ladies can eat.

Then this morning Baby Teal had a well defined cough. Round two here we go.

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