Monday, March 3, 2008

Don't Worry, I'm Jacked Back Into the Matrix

Had to spend a couple weeks offline while AT&T hooked us up with new cable and internet access. Wasn't AT&Ts fault, the wireless was working fine because the Wii connected no problem, it's my stubborn wireless card. For some reason, it doesn't like any type of encryption.

But, Pink and I ironed it out eventually, and the network is still secure.

So I'm catching up on email and my Google Reader, so be prepped for a flurry of DaddyMan chatter in the next day or two.

Good news while I was out, my buddy took over my old job, and I turned a year older, but still under 30. :P

I'm not worried either, Pink catches up next week.

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happy birthday!!!

Damn it. I totally knew your birthday was coming up. And I still missed it. Happy Birthday, Doctor!!

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