Friday, December 28, 2007

Wii had a good Holiday

The odd thing about Christmas for me this year was that it didn't feel like it was coming. I knew shopping had to be done and decorations polished off and placed, but the energy and excitement of it coming just wasn't there. I think part of it had to do with how I haven't been at work, so I didn't hear about how everyone is getting together for the holidays or the excitement and energy outside of Pink and Little Blue. It was a little odd, but no biggie.

I did get decorations up...2 days before Christmas, and they're still up. I'll probably take them down tomorrow. And as for decorations...just a 3 foot fiber optic Christmas tree and stockings. Pink and I didn't have any energy to get anything else out and ready.

Christmas morning, the girls got us up first for a 5am feeding, and Pink kept asking of she could go wake up Little Blue so we could open presents. This is after she tried to get me to exchange gifts on Christmas eve. What a brat!

Little Blue got a T-Rex, three hotwheels playsets, a 4 lane race track for his hotwheels, some pajamas, a big rig with monster trucks on it, and some fiddlestix. Uncle Blue also got him a Transformer (which, I half think he buys for himself knowing I'll be playing with it more than Little Blue), and the Pamphlet grandparents got LB a gift card for Old Navy, which he's excited about going to get his own clothes...he didn't have a lot of fun helping us pick up outfits for the girls.

I ended up getting the first season of Heroes on DVD and the Jason Bourne Collection on DVD. I was happy.

I got Pink Buzz trivia for the PS2 complete with the trivia paddles to play with. She was SO happy, and glad she beat me first time out. It's a total party game. I also got us FF12 for both of us to play together.

And...yes, after telling everyone we were getting one, then the finances said no, we won't, then Pink got pumped up about getting one...we're getting a Wii. We ended up with the last Gamestop pre-order for one at the Olathe Gamestop. We'll get a call by the end of January of when we can go pick it up.

We had Christmas dinner at our place (tradition has held that whomever had the youngest chitlin has it at their place for conveniance). Uncle Blue made some excellent ham, Pink made a pinapple casserole (courtesy of Paula Dean), and the GrandPamphlets brought some excellent side dishes.

Overall I was happy with it, even though I didn't feel like I was in the typical Christmas spirit.

I do feel an urgency to finish up some of our PS2 games though. Guess we'll have to buy a port switch so we can have everything hooked up to the TV!

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