Friday, December 28, 2007

The Price of Being a Celebrity

It's annoying as hell.

When you have twins, everyone except the scary guy in the corner wants to look at your kid and asks these three questions.

1. Are they twins?

2. Are they identical?

3. How can you tell them apart?

As a Dad, I'm used to this. Every question when Pink was pregnant is "How is she doing?" "Is she still working?" "What kind of leave is she going to take?" All questions I answered at least 10 times a week for 9 months.

Now though, the same people that would give you and your wife a dirty looking for walking too damn slow in the isles when they just upright confront you to see your children. You go out to eat and take half (or all) of the child seats to be comfortable. People who are twins come up and tell you tragic stories about how their twin bro/sis passed away at birth.

C'mon people, I want to each my sandwich without the talk of death. Not to mention my 4 year old son needs to concentrate on eating his sandwich and I won't have to have a "yes your sisters could have died at birth" conversation with him.'s part of the price you pay. You can't be the prick and say, "Shut up and get away from my kids." You never know when someone will take it the wrong way and call the black and blue on you because they perceived your moment of "leave me alone" to be "shut up before I beat you like I beat my kids." learn to cope with it, or offer to get take out when you want to spoil yourselves and run errands while the other stays behind to take care of the chitlins. It can be so stress free to eat out of Styrofoam containers at the kitchen table, enjoying some orange chicken. :)

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