Monday, December 10, 2007

Party, Party, Party

Party #1, December 1st: Blue's Work Party

Pink and I had talked about going with or without the mini-uses, but since the Doctor gave clearance to get the girls out in public, but to keep them away from a lot of touching of others, we decided to go out.

It was nice to see co-workers I hadn't seen for over a month, and thankfully with this blog I didn't have to repeat stories over and over again, people just asked for mini updates and when I was coming back. Little Blue had a blast, but I'm pretty sure he established a taste for green sherbet punch and doritos. Once we got through the initial "hey, The Pamphlet Clan is here," Pink and I staked out a spot away from the big crowds and chatted the night away. Little Blue enjoyed watching the video games and the cookie walk, Pink enjoyed some chicken wings, and I enjoyed the endless supply of cookies. The girls met nearly everyone who was there and got a ton of oohs and ahs.

I figured we'd be there an hour or so, but we stayed for the whole time, everyone behaving the entire time.

Party #2, December 2nd: Little Blue's 4th Birthday Party

Again, Pink and I had a lot of discussion over this one. We knew funds were going to be tight, and we didn't have enough to take him to Pump It Up like he'd asked. For a while, we'd kinda settled on taking him to the Great Mall and have him play in the play area with his friends and do a party in the food court. That fell apart because we knew we'd be too tired to enjoy it.

So, we did a repeat of last year, Chuck E. Cheese. At roughly $11 per child, it's a steal with the tokens and cake they provide. Pink and the girls hung out at home because we knew it would be to hectic for them, so I took a HUGE deep breath and prepared myself for the onslaught.

Turns out, several good things happened parenting wise. First, LB was the only birthday part scheduled at our time. Second, Chuck has lost all their CO2 for the drinks, so it was just Powerade and Pink Lemonade at our table. Little Blue had a blast though, I've got some pictures but haven't had a chance to fiddle with them yet. He invited 3 friends from school (two girls and one boy, I was impressed), and all his friends from Daycare he hadn't seen for a couple months. We played a lot of games, Little Blue was flat faced and in awe when everyone was singing the happy birthday song to him, and didn't get ticked off when we got him a lot of bedding for his "big boy" twin bed. Thankfully his friends came through with the cool toys.

The party is reserved for an hour and a half, so most of the kids left then, and being the fun (but very tired) Dad, I gathered up all the leftover coins and tickets and we spent another hour and a half playing games till we were all spent out. We came home to a Pink who was very happy to see us and we all crashed for a nap soon after.

Party #3, December 7th: Pink's Work Party

Pink's workplace does a formal Holiday party, and because Pink and I aren't comfortable leaving the girls with someone who hasn't dealt with a baby who stops breathing, we decided that it would be best if she went on her own and Dad stay home with the rest of the family.

I was jealous, she got all gussied up and look damn nice, but I gave her a peck on the cheek and sent her on her way. She had a fine dinner with the rest of her accounting friends, ate some excellent dessert while I downed some ice cream at home, and came back with a great big smile on her face. It was a bummer we didn't get to dance like we do every year at her party.

Three parties down with family holidays coming. :)

Bring it!

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