Friday, December 7, 2007

How To Feed Twins...And Keep Your Sanity

It's taken this rookie At Home Dad 4 days to perfect it, but I think I've got it worked out.


  • One bottle. We've got a platoon of bottles at the Pamphlet Place, but during the day we only use one or two, washed between each feeding.
  • A bouncer with a wire frame. The wire frame makes for easier hands free movement, anything with a tubular frame makes it too difficult. If your in the market for one, head to the store to see one you like, and see how easy it is to bounce it. All the popular baby stores have them on display to tear up. Then, go home and see if you can find it cheaper online.
  • Your foot. If you're a percussionist, this'll be a bonus.
  • A seat with an arm rest.

My adorable ones eat roughly every 4 hours, with a bonus stretch occasionally throug the night. Pink helps me with feedings as long as she'll have a little while to get ready for work, so I plan on my first solo feeding based on their last feeding.

This morning, right at the 4 hour mark, both Baby Purple and Teal started their wakeup fussing right at the four hour mark. That's my cue to get the bottle ready.

After placing the bottle near the arm rest cafe, I grab the baby that's fussing the least and place her into the bouncer. Then I take the one who's fussing the most and perform a pit stop at the changing table to ensure she's totally awake.

Then, before placing the bottle, gently...gently, move the bouncer close to where your feet will be and wedge your foot between one of the legs and where the seat attaches. Then, rock the bouncer gently with your foot. Then, focus on feeding the baby in your arms.

Most bouncers come with a vibrating function, which usually isn't that effective. The gentle bouncing tends to keep the baby settled while she waits her turn.

So I bounce one while I feed the other. Then after the last of the burping is down, they switch spots and I do it all over again, cleaning out the bottle and using it for baby two. I rock the second a little more gently because she's fed, but it also helps keep her more upright so most of the food stays down. It's not easy trying to feed one baby and cleaning spitup after the other.

Once done, I sneak a peek to see if there are any leaky gas tanks or skid marks, swaddle them up, and lay them back down to rest.

Start to finish this usually takes about an hour, longer if they're being a little stubborn.

The worst part about this is that it's difficult unless you're used to tapping your feet for long periods of time. If you've been a band or music geek, you'll be at an advantage, otherwise, build up some calves to get it done. It's made my daily feedings SO much easier.

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Awww, you made me sign up to comment this time! LOL
As I had typed out before to realize I couldn't post.
Twins in a Family Bed....hmmm...more entertaining that restful I am sure. I think the bassinet by the bed is close enough.
Congrats to you and Pink for twin girls! Awesome! How does big brother feel about all this?
Michelle From Wordpress
PS. I too like the bouncy seats!

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