Monday, November 19, 2007

=Sum(Percussionist, Father, Geek, Husband, Gamer)


A man who's got a laptop on his lap, with his twins together in their bouncy chair, bouncing them with his left foot, while working on this blog and explaining to my wife that the "Stroll" status in RPG's refers to abilities recharging while walking.

Ooh yeah, the laptop isn't shaking either. I knew playing the drum set would come in handy. :)

I however, can't make bottles a the same time. Pink's heading into the kitchen to do that now. I'm geeking out and keeping them settled for a couple minutes.

And in a total geek fashion, Baby Teal is swaddled so that I can only see the top of her nose, eyes, and slightly furry head...and it reminds me of when Darth Vader had his mask off in Return of the Jedi, before they took the mouth piece away.

Note to anyone who sees me in the next couple days and if I have a bruise on my arm...Pink probably smacked me because I compaired my daughter to Darth Vader.

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