Sunday, November 18, 2007

Someone call the local media, I went to Starbucks

And I'll admit, it met my expectations, quiet well. I remember when I told Edh that I'd never been to one, her jaw almost hit the floor.

I had a gift card, and since I've been going through coffee at a pretty hot clip, I decided to use the gift card for a bag o' beans. I knew it was going to be a quick trip in and a quick trip out, so Little Blue tagged along.

I walked in and was immediately confused and had a minor case of claustrophobia. I am not a small man, so when the isles were meant for an anorexic cheerleader, I was a little grumpy.

The bags of coffee started at chest high and worked their way down, so I had to take a knee to read the small print and various flavors.

And the flavors! So many! I'm unconscious when I make my coffee, I really don't care about the flavor because I'm too busy warming up bottles. I just want it warm, with plenty of cream and sweetner, and not bitter.

So, I go for the old standby, breakfast blend, because I'm not a coffee connoisseur and since I usually drink coffee in the morning, it's a good choice to go for. Besides, Kansas City's own Roasterie hasn't let me down yet. I had Little Blue grab it and hold onto me for it. I had to apologize to a customer snugged into her little cove with coffee and the newspaper because I had to scour for the island display for it.

I'll admit though, the customer service, though not genuine sounding, was upfront and good. The employee asked if I needed help or if I was looking for anything in particular, and they offered to ground the beans once I bought them, which I thought was nice. I've got a good feeling the woman who helped me knew me, because she asked the customer before me what name they wanted on their order, and she said my name, while looking at me, but then corrected herself and wrote down the customer's name. A little odd, but it could have been a coincidence.

So, I paid a whole 80 cents for my coffee beans thanks to a gift card, and I remember telling JR that I was going to use it for maximum beanage, so this'll probably last me a month or so.

Will I go back? Probably not for a drink because it's rare I'll spend 4-7 bucks on a drink, but depending on how the beans work out, I might go back. I tend to keep local when possible, so the Roasterie will probably be my coffee of choice.

If anyone has an recommendations, I'm interested! I'm also getting addicted to iced coffee, so I might experiment with that. Curse you free-iced-coffee-Monday's-at-McD's!

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