Wednesday, October 8, 2008

That Makes Me Mad Daddy!

I meet Little Blue at the bus stop yesterday, greeting the driver and passenger assistant. "We've had a route change, so Little Blue is going to be the second one dropped off, not the first."

"No problem," I confess.

"But...ugh...That makes me mad!" says Little Blue. I look at the bus driver, we share a chuckle, and I tell them to have a good day as the dude hops off the bus.

We get home and Little Blue stops at the porch and takes his shoes off, and I always chuckle when I see how many playground rocks he's got in there. "Daddy, I don't like being second off the bus, it makes me mad!"

"Why dude?"

"Because it does!"

"Well maybe they'll be saving gas by dropping you off second, or a new friend will be riding the bus with you. Let's get inside and get back to work on your construction set."

"All right..."

So we go about our day, the girls didn't want to nap, so they hung out in the living room with us in their playpens as I cooked some chicken and slapped it together with some Prego and rotini noodles, Pink comes home and we enjoy dinner.

The dude slammed his down, I was impressed!

So I dash upstairs and get ready for work and when I come down, I remember to mention to Pink that he's getting dropped off a little later than normal.

"And you know what Mommy?! That makes me mad!"

I sigh, because we're going over this again. "Buddy, c'mere."

"Yeah Dad?"

"Can you change when the bus drops you off?"


"Can I change when the bus drops you off?"

"No..." he starts swinging back and forth, in this cute little "i'm fussing for a silly reason" way.

"So what can we do?"

"Awww...c'mon Dad, we don't worry about it!"

Mission accomplished.

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