Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wall mounted Laptop Station

I'd mentioned to Pink some time back about setting up a small computer workstation in the livingroom/entryway since we spend a lot of our time there with the family and we need to hop online for a little satiating of the curiosity.

Now, we usually use the Wii browser for that, but I still find this little beauty attractive. I don't have the wall space for it (hence the reason why the workstation never came to light), but I can see this being useful.

Thankfully, the girls nap pretty consistently, so I've got time to hope on the desktop and gab with Pink for a couple minutes.

When you met your wife online, staying connected is a moral imperative.
clipped from unclutterer.com

It’s very similar to the eNook Workstation we discussed in January, and a lot less expensive at $69.99. The front of the Laptop Workstation folds down and has cubbies for small-item storage.

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