Monday, September 1, 2008

A Penny Saved is Worth the Principal of the Thing

Would I have done this? Probably not, but if it was the person in front of me at the register, I would have stayed there and cheered them on.

After all, you get tired of seeing 'FREE' flashed all over town with that cursed little asterisk next to it.

Why I Fought to Save Three Bucks (and Why You Should Too)

On Friday I visited Office Depot for school backpacks at the killer price of $2.99. Along with other loss-leader school supplies, they’ll be donated to a local social services agency. At the checkout, I handed over a “20% off all backpacks” coupon from an Office Depot mailer. The cash register wouldn’t accept the coupon. “These are already on sale so the coupon won’t work,” the salesclerk said.

The manager, whom I’ll call Nancy, tried several other tacks. She pored over the fine print in the store’s weekly ad — complaining it was hard to read because the doctor had dilated her eyes that morning — but nothing in the ad excluded coupons. She said that “corporate” never intended for coupons to be used with sale items, and that’s why the computer wouldn’t allow it — the computer is programmed by “corporate.”

If that’s the case, I suggested, then “not valid with sale items” ought to be written on the coupon.

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