Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Organize Your Home: Simple Routines for Managing Your Household

Another book I grabbed from the library as I was processing hold requests. When I flipped through it at a glance, I liked the layout of the book and the stencil-like chapter headings.

But, since I work in a library, I said "What the heck." I processed the hold and put myself on the list for it.

If you've ready a couple of these type of books already, you'll find that a lot of them cover the same material, they key is glancing over thing and making notes of the gems you find as you go through it.

A couple I found in this book were

  • 23 things that help overnight guests
  • Marking clothes to figure out who they belong too (going to be a big issue with Purple and Teal)
  • Keep a home notebook for major appliance repairs and maintenance (I use Microsoft OneNote and my hipsterPDA, but I got the idea.)
The most annoying thing for me in this book has nothing to do with the author or the layout though, it was the annoying patron who marked it up with penciled in underlines and their grammar corrections.

Still a good book, and it's small, maybe 7 inches square and 3/4 inch deep, so it was easy to move around the house with. Not like Martha's bibles that are hard bound, hard to keep open and weigh a ton.

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