Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm A Dead Beat Dad

Well, not really, but if you read between the lines on an application, I just might be.

School sends home a letter that Little Blue needs some documentation for school. I give them a buzz back, remind them they should have the records already because they had them last year. They don't have them, so I confirm what they needed and start document hunting.

Birth certificate. Check. Proof of address. Check. Social Security Card.


LB's Social Security Card is a running joke between Pink and I. We know we placed it some where so good we can't find it. We had a photocopy of it at one point, but then that disappeared. Whenever it's been needed, we go look at past tax forms and write it in.

No big deal though. We do some looking and it'll take 2 weeks to get it done if your drop off he paperwork. I tell Pink we're doing it today because she's home sick, but mobile.

Why does she have to go, while she's sick you ask? Surely the man who gets down on his hands an knees to clean the floor can't cut the Mrs a break and go do it himself?

Nope. According to the Social Security Office, when a dependent needs a new card, the Mother's information has to be on the replacement form. Dad's info doesn't cut it.

I wanted to make sure I read it right, and Pink confirmed it.

"Yup, you're a deadbeat Blue."

So we went in today to get it, and we had to have something more recent than his birth certificate that had his name and DOB on it. Pink's got a doctor invoice she can cough up and will have to go back and do it again.

Because I'm a deadbeat. And we had fun with it over our lunch conversation.

Pink: "So, what happens when the mother leaves?"

Blue: "I'll bet Dad has to show divorce paperwork and blah blah blah to show the divorce is finalized."

Pink: "Yeah, but what if they were never married and she ran off?"

Blue: "Hey! I'm supposed to be the deadbeat here."

Just the same though, the people at the local office were kind, the wait was short, and they were able to provide us something for the school that'll confirm his SSN, we'll just have to go back to the SS Office to get the paperwork in for his replacement card.

Still, it kind of ticks me off. I'm a stay at home dad, and under the "other duties as assigned" is stuff like this.

Ah well, I got a good lunch with Pink out of it. It wasn't all bad. :)

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From one stay at home Dad to another... You are taking it all wrong. We are not dead beats, we are incompetent:) How could we be entrusted with such a task? The Government in all its wisdom already knows it is the man's fault that the card got lost in the first place:)

Keep the faith,


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