Thursday, September 18, 2008

How to Get Twins to Sleep Through The Night

This post below at Wired got me thinking about all the jaw dropping expressions I get when I tell everyone our girls have been sleeping through the night since they were 4mo old. I also liked the cute onesie.

It involves 4 tools.

1. White noise machine. Little Blue's was a Winnie the Pooh plush that tied to the edge of his crib. It would either play an annoying good night song (which I hear randomly in my nightmares now) or the sound of Mom's heartbeat in the womb (which, I swear, sounds like the engine of the Enterprise on The Next Generation going fast).

For the girls, Pink purchased one that has a whole bunch of fancy noises on it, but since she's a Cali girl at heart, we leave it on ocean waves. It soothes the girls just fine, and Pink get some residual soothing through the baby monitor. (though, I secretly think it's my Vader-like CPAP machine).

2. Speaking of Baby Monitors, we've got two. A video style with a blue light (purchased to check on choking fits when they first arrived home), and an audio only style with a red light. I'm sure they stare at those for a while when they're trying to sleep (and as a bonus they provide us with a monitor on every floor when they're in bed).

3. A homemade mini hot air balloon made with pillow stuffing and a wicker basket. Made by a co-worker, we give it a spin and the girls (and Little Blue before them) so they've got something else to stare at.

4. Tags, the one trait that all my children share. They each get a blanket with a tag on it, and we're sure to place it in their hot little hands before we turn off the light and leave the room. Doesn't matter initially, because they'll turn and get on all fours to look at the door or to turn and start talking to each other, but in the morning they've usually got those tags in their hands.

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Actually dear, the beloved noisemaker that makes ocean sounds and puts me to sleep as happily as it does them was a gift from Auntie B and Uncle W, not something I bought. :) Thanks again W&B!!

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