Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Every Time I Hear a Stay Wars Question...

...it reminds me of when Pink and I played Star Wars Trivial Pursuit.

The question was, "What type of shuttle does the Emperor use to board the Death Star?"

My answer, "A Lambda Class Shuttle."

Silence, then Pink's outcry, "I don't even know if that's right!"

"What do you mean? I know it's right."

"But I don't know what a Lambda Class is!"

"It's the tri-foil shuttle, usually used to transport high ranking officials. It's slow, but has front and rear cannons and high armor. I think it also has light speed capabilities, but I can't be sure since they usually only go between capital ships or on boarding parties to planets."

"But the answer just says 'shuttle!"

"Well, I win, so give me the pie piece. It's not my fault I like playing X-Wing, Tie Fighter, and X-Wing vs Tie Figher."
clipped from blog.wired.com

Credential checks can happen to anyone, at anytime.  The other day my fiancĂ©e messaged me, "Do you know what AT-AT stands for?
  Don't look it up!" Wondering why she would bore
me with such an easy question, I replied back "All Terrain...uh.." My mind went blank.  Sweat began to
ball up on my brow.  This is my son's favorite vehicle. Heck, this was
my favorite toy growing up.  Brain racing, I finished the sentence "Assault Transport."
I slumped back into my chair feeling like I may have dodged a bullet.
A look of disbelief played across my face as the message "Armored Transport" appeared on the screen.  I hung my head in shame, finding
solace only in the fact that this had not been a real cred check.  My son would not be as forgiving
as she was.

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