Friday, September 12, 2008

Ah Tornado Alley, How I Tolorate Thee

So, I was working on dinner. Nothing special, just some Hamburger Helper and cornbread. Little Blue was playing some bowling on the Wii. Pink walks in the door from work and we talk for about 2 minutes.

Then the siren went off.

No, not that siren, the siren that the HH is done on the stove.

So we talk some more and I turn off the burners, then THOSE sirens went off. Pink knew the rain was coming but not when or where.

Pink and I gave each other a look, we both told Little Blue to go in the basement, and we started up to get the girls down from their nap.

Pink told me to get the saucers, so I followed LB down with the saucers in hand, then met Pink at the basement stairs to take Purple.

For the next 30 minutes we scoured the web figuring out how everything was going on outside.

Once we figured we were in the clear and everyone was settled, I brought down dinner, plate by plate so we could eat in the basement. Wasn't any point hauling us all back upstairs when it was just going to keep coming at us.

So LB is playing with his toys and running around like a mad man entertaining his sisters while Pink and I keep and eye on the weather.

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