Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our Next Project

Over the weekend, Pink and I decyphered an installed a one picture installation guide to a new flush ceiling light in the kitchen. Before it was a can light, so Mr. Home Depot showed us a conversion kit and over the course of more time than should have been necessary, we got it done.

Next we want a ceiling fan in the living room. This one won't be so easy because the power source is six to eight feet away from where we want the fan, and we'll have to cut some drywall to get it done. So we're slowly saving up and looking at fans we want, and someone to do it for us.

Patience is a virtue, and so is a cool living room.

Ceiling Fan Hacks: Save Big on Energy Use

Ceiling Fan by JeffK on FlickrA typical central air conditioning unit uses 3,500 watts of energy when running. A typical ceiling fan uses 60 watts of energy, even when running on high. Thus, if you ran your ceiling fan all day and it managed to decrease your home air conditioner use by just thirty minutes in a twenty four hour period, you’ll end up saving significant money over the long run with a ceiling fan.

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