Monday, July 21, 2008

Crib Quilts - Be Gone!

One thing I always thought was sort of odballish was crib quilts. They come with most crib sets in a bag, yet every parent magazine on earth tell you NOT to use them due to SIDS because most are not breath through friendly.

Then you visit the Martha Stewarts of the world and they've got them hanging off the edge of the crib...except you know they don't keep them there because the tots will grab onto them, pull them into the crib, then you've got the SIDS argument all over again.

So, to appease the Mrs, I started using them as tummy time blankets in the living room. We didn't have to keep the carpet spotless, and they weren't too mobile, even when rolling around and giggling.

Alas, within the last week, I grew tired of scooting them back to the quilts, I decided to put another notch in my chore list and start vaccuming once a day.

Now both the girls are enjoying free reign of tummy time over most of the living room. I've got them quarenteened with a couple saucers so they can't escape. Purple is scooting around on her tummy, going toy to toy. Kinda like Pink when she's see's something new and shiny.

Teal, she's like me. She'll roll around to a toy, then roll on her back and play with for a little bit, figuring out what it can do, if it makes noise, then puts it down and rolls to the next toy.

Purple lives up to her tendencies though, she thinks Teal is a toy and wants to play with Teal's eyes outside of head. Got to watch both of them like a hawk or it'll turn into Twin Deathmatch.

They both get on all fours on occasion, just can't get them moving yet. It's fun to watch them stretch out as much as possible to reach for something, then give a light giggle of triumph or grunt of frustration.

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Good for you! I'm so glad to hear that you're not putting those awful quilts in the crib. I do have a couple of suggestions since you've already got them in the house.
1. Hang them on the wall.
2. Put them over the rocking chair so that if you're up during the night, you can cover yourself up.
3. Keep them until baby moves to the big girl bed and give it to her then. It makes the perfect toddler lovey.


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