Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Throne Reading

No...not THEN. When the tot is bathing. It's a good time to relax. I tell Little Blue we wash first, then play later. Then we put out the toys and I "trap" him in the tub with a clear shower curtain. He can splash and go crazy for 5-10 minutes while I read a chapter or two of my book.

He has a good time, the bubble bath helps clean him up, and I get to chill for a little bit...and not get soaked in the process.

My only complaint...they don't have very many cool bath toys anymore. I miss my wind up boats with real outboard engines.
clipped from www.parenthacks.com
Pour in some lavender baby bath for some
aromatherapy, browse a magazine while your kids are happily playing,
and have lotion and socks ready to put on your pampered footsies when
you are done. 
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