Monday, March 24, 2008

Dr. Pink and Blue

Yup, this may come up in our future when the twins become more aware that one is getting medicine and the other isn't.

Granted, you could go with the "you don't get any because your sick" routine, but if Blue has taught me one thing, adult intellect and toddler sneakiness doesn't make for a good "discussion."

I do like one of the comments on parent hacks using water and food coloring for many "potions" in the house.
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When one of my 2-year-old twin boys are prescribed medicine, it's inevitable that the non-sick boy will pitch a fit for medicine too. So...I have two dispensers ready to go, one with the real medicine and the other with apple juice. When I give the sick boy his medicine, the other boy gets a shot of apple juice and is perfectly happy.
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