Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Chore Wars

This call came about from a dirty room, the dood not wanting to eat his green beans, and a bit o' geek. :)

Chore Wars is a website that mashes chores with DnD. Basically the Dungeon Master sets up Chores (Adventures) that can be completed once a day or multiple times per day. The DM can set up the event, XP earned, gold collected, and percentages of items and wandering monsters.

Everything is customizable, including the name of the of monsters and items. The items can having meaning if you want, or can just be items of discussion. They offer a unique take on gold, letting you cash it in. Chore Wars doesn't give you anything for the gold, but say the dude wants to watch a movie? That'll be 200gp please.

So I set up some adventures such as Picking up 5 items and putting them away, Finishing a Meal to the Satisfaction of the Dungeon Masters, etc. So, once I showed him what it was, I heard phrases such as...

"Daddy, can we put away the dishes?"

"Can I help you with the laundry?"

"I put away 5 cars Daddy!"

So we got half his room picked up, he helped me with the laundry, and he put away the silverware from the dishwasher.

Will it keep up? I don't know. He likes the wandering monster bits, so I might have to ramp up how often they show up.

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