Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cereal Technology, For Pink

I love my wife, and her fetish for everything cereal. Thankfully I've gently introduced some of the cheaper brands to satisfy her delights, and now there might be some technology to match.

The Eat Me Crunchy Bowl comes with a removable shelf (making it dishwasher compatible, that keeps most of the cereal off the milk. As you consume from the mixing chamber, the cereal stays crunchy. Just scoop some cereal into the mixing chamber and enjoy.

But, before she says it, I'll admit it...the bowl doesn't look big enough to me.

This shelf covers 70% of the base, holding the cereal above the milk; however it also has a section where the milk and cereal mix together. The shelf has a cliff that stops cereal getting underneath the shelf but allows the milk to flow freely.

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