Friday, February 1, 2008

I Should Have Ordered These for the Circ Manuals

Back in a previous work life, I had the honor of writing a 114 page circulation manual that was a companion to the library's management system. The manuals was a massive 114 pages, and I bet I used twice as many staples that were in the manuals because the industrial strength staples just aren't that good.

These Chicago screws would have taken longer to put together, but I think it would have been much nicer in the end. Now though, the entire manual is online, so it's even easier to find what's needed.

Used it the other night to create a corporate card for a gentleman needing an account for his own business.

For home use, I might see using these in your personal files if you wanted to tighten things up in your file cabinet. All depends on what you're keeping on hand.

Trust me, with Momma and Twins, there's a LOT of "estimate of benefits" papers to keep track of for health insurance.
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Replace Bulky Document Binders with Chicago Screws

They are flat and allow you to get rid of the extra space that is taken up by partially empty binders, covers, etc. We figure that we have reduced the amount of space that our documents use by about 60%.
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