Thursday, January 31, 2008

Nascar Fantasy League

I thought I'd do a plug for my Dad and his racing League, in case there are any closet Nascar fans. It's $25 to join for the entire season. You get $10 million per race to pick 8 drivers. Weekly scores are equal to the total number of points your drivers earned for the week.

More detail below. It's all done through email, and 100% of the money collected is dished out at the end of the year.

Welcome to Fantasy 2008! The following are some simple rules to win by!

***Entry fee is $25.00. This fee covers the entire race season.

***As an owner you have $10,000,000 (ten million dollars) to spend on each race. You can spend less than the ten million but cannot spend over this salary cap.

***You must choose 8 (eight) drivers (no more, no less) with this ten million dollars. Each driver has his or her own dollar value. The dollar value of each driver will remain the same throughout the entire race season. NOTE: ANY DRIVER NOT LISTED ON THE DRIVER VALUES SHEET WILL BE $300,000.

***Turn in you picks 30 (thirty) minutes before each race. There are two ways to turn in you picks:
1. You can email your picks at:
2. You can call my home phone: [contact me for phone number]. Whoever answers will be happy to take down you picks. If no answer, please leave you picks on our answering machine.

***If you fail to turn in you picks 30 minutes before the race begins, you previous weeks picks will be scored for that race.

***If you fail to stay within your ten million dollar salary cap, your previous weeks picks will be scored for that race PLUS YOUR HIGHEST SCORING DRIVER WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FOR THAT RACE.

***If your entry fee is not paid to me by the 5th race of the season you will be dropped for the season. You can mail me your entry fee at this address:
Concact Daddyman for address

***After the race, your drivers will be scored the same as Sprint Cup scoring rules; this includes all bonus points. NOTE: ANY PENALTY POINTS TAKEN AWAY FROM DRIVIERS DUE TO NASCAR RULE INFRACTIONS WILL ASLO BE TAKEN AWAY FROM YOUR FINAL OWNERS POINTS FOR THAT RACE BEING PENALIZED.

***Winning: The winning owner for each race will receive $10.00. Ties will be split.
The Champion of the season owner will receive 60% of left over entry fees plus a cool racing trophy!
The Second Place of the season owner will receive 30% of left over entry fees!
The Third Place of the season owner will receive 10% of left over entry fees!

If you have any questions feel free to call or email me.
If you have racing family and friends that want to get in the league, bring em' in! The more the merrier!!!!!

Good luck and Let's Go Racin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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