Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Diaper Champ

I love this thing. When Little Blue was in diapers, we did the cheap route and did a flip top trashcan. With the girls, we went ahead and picked up the diaper champ because it didn't use any special refills like the other guys. It'll use any trash bag (including plastic grocery bags if you desire), so we use the white trash bags from Costco.

The unit works by placing a soiled diaper in the top, then flip the handle 180 degrees to the other side. A piston shoves the diaper down inside the container, letting out very little (if any) stinky air. Simple, easy, and quick. Gravity does the work.

And even with twins (and twice the diaper changes) it holds 2 days worth of diapers before I have to haul them out to the trash.

And the smell! It keeps it all in except when changing out the bag, which is a 10 second job. I'll admit I was an idiot when it came to pulling the bag out, but if you put both your feed on the lips at the bottom of the Champ, the bag will come right out. It takes me longer to walk it out to the trash than it does to pull the bag out and tie it shut.

The only issue we've had with it is when we try to put in just a wipe. Because the piston that shoves the diaper down has a gap around it to let it move up and down, a wipe occasionally gets stuck, interfering with the travel length of a piston. Just ensure all the wipes are tucked into a diaper and you're golden. It is a diaper pail, not a trash can.

And guys...if the smell of diapers bothers up and deal. Just because you can't handle the smell doesn't mean your chitlin has to sit in their own poo.

Two, go smell a can grease that goes in the rear end gear housing of your car. Trust me, diapers smell like roses compared to that stuff.

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