Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wrapping Paper Redo

With Little Blue's birthday come and gone, and the holidays quickly sneaking in, the days of giftwrapping are upon us.

Thankfully, Pink loves wrapping presents. I hate it. I do a decent job at it, with a little chuckling from Pink, but it gets the job done and doesn't look like a wad of tape and glitter.

But, I cringe when I'm asked to buy it because it's paper you cut, wrap, tape, tear, and throw away. Sure, you can save it, and we have some to use as shelf paper for the girls dressers, but the most fun I've ever had with wrapping paper is throwing it in the fireplace to see the different color flames spark up.

But, since the fireplace isn't good for keeping the house warm, that's out of the picture.

So, Pink and I have become bag hoarders. You give us a gift in a bag, we either still have it or have used it to give a gift to someone else.

I'll bet we got 7 or 8 from Little Blue's party, and a ton from the girls' baby shower, so we've got both genders covered, plus some plain boring pastels for any other occasion. Stuff it with the foo foo paper and you're all set.

Don't have that? Let the chitlin color on some spare paper around the house and wrap a present in that. Nothing like a litle customized wrapping paper to seal the deal.

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