Tuesday, December 4, 2007

First Day On the Job

Pink headed back to work today, and left me in charge. Yeah, I don't know what she's thinking either. ;)

First full day of Stay at Home Dadhood has gone well so far. Pink and I woke up at six and fed Baby Teal and Purple so they'd be good to go while Little Blue got ready for school. He wasn't in the mood to get ready, but with a little fatherly persuasion, we got his attitude adjusted and he got ready pretty quickly.

He did have a mini-meltdown because he was pulling his shirt over his face rather than pulling it down over the top of his head. It's the small things you've got to reinforce over and over again.

Then again, I'm constantly amazed at the life lessons a parent gets the honor of teaching.

We've set up the school bus to come take Little Blue to school, which saves me about an hour of work getting the girls ready for a 5 minute trip. Since he was awarded a scholarship for his Peer Model program, the cost was zilch. One step better, he's the last kid picked up and the first kid dropped off, so it's pretty consistent when the bus comes around.

The girls have been asleep the entire time so far, so I've gotten the dishes caught up and Little Blue's laundry done.

I'm watching Amazing Stories movie now before I get the bottles ready. Christopher Lloyd is about to just died from the hiccups curse.

Oops...left my oatmeal in the microwave!

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