Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fatherhood is...

...doing a load of laundry at 4:42am.

Little Blue had an accident in his bunk bed last night.

Pink and I have an agreement when we're sleeping due to my CPAP machine. If Little Blue comes in and needs to talk to me, I really can't because I have I have air being shoved up my mouth.

Try this. Plug your nose as if you're going to go underwater, but don't use your hands; then talk. It's either that, or I don't block the airflow and I sound like an emphysema patient when I talk, which comes out raspy and intelligible.

But, you know when you know your son when you can tell by the sound of his whining what the problem is. Last night wasn't a blanket problem, or a light problem, or a "I can't sleep" problem.

I could tell by his whining and the "I need to talk to my Daddy" talk that he'd wet the bed and was working on stripping down to get cleaned up.

I got up and was thankful we're long past the blood curdling screaming "IT'S NUCKY!!!" shouting. It was toned down to a whimper and the occasional "eew, Daddy!" We got him cleaned off with a warm washcloth and dressed him back for bed.

Parental Units, remember, potty training is not the time for punishment or reprimanding, it's the ultimate test of patience, cleanliness, and more patience.

Even though he's been in his bunk bed since his birthday, I took the lazy route and told him to cuddle up into his toddler bed for the night. I took his dirty sheets and headed down to put them into the wash to get them clean for tonight.

While I was getting that started I put the bag of coffee beans on the grinder...I knew I'd need it today.

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