Sunday, December 16, 2007

The family that games together

Over the past month, month and a half, Pink and I have been going through Final Fantasy X and X-2. We'd done X when Little Blue was born, but the whole dresspheres thing was too damn corny for us to suffer through at the time.

We decided to finish it up.

We cheat of course. I'm never into RPGs for the leveling up crap, so we shot up to level 99 and max money in a heartbeat, then went through the game. Even so, exploring everything just to get the storyline took 40 hours or so.

We started Kingdom Hearts 2 this afternoon. We played both FF's in front of Little Blue because he liked the monsters, and more importantly, had a keen eye for spying treasure chests. He was pumped when we put in Kingdom Hearts because he knew nearly everyone in the game.

And I'm pumped too. It's got Tron!

The only bummer I'll read a lot of the dialog to Little Blue with KH2. FFX and X-2 had a lot of spoken dialog, but KH2 only does it for main cut scenes. Still, he has a lot of questions, and while he might ask them every day for weeks at a time, he enjoys it and its something fun to do while it's white outside.

And yeah, I'm cheating on that too. Level 99 with max munni. :) Once I pick up Donald and Goofy, I'll max out their stats, then call it good.

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