Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Counting Pennies

Trent from the simple dollar mentions a lot of the talking points Pink and I discussed when we talked having one of us stay at home.

  • Save on childcare - ours would have been just under 300 a week
  • Taxes - bah, we didn't think about this one
  • Food expenses - Yes, Blue can cook, and Pink doesn't expect me to cook all the time
  • Autos - The van is the family bus, so now we drive the Malibu around, the van stays parked unless we need to take everyone out
  • Extra work expenses - I won't go through shoes or clothes nearly ask fast
  • Stress relief - the article mention using a Wii for stress relief, and just today I was going back doing unique jumps in San Andreas (it wasn't required for 100% completion)
  • Discovering frugality - yup, I actually roughly calculate how much of our meals cost and staying more healthy by not hitting fast food joints every other day

And that's just the money related stuff. I can already tell in the two weeks I've been at home with the cuties how much they've changed and it's awesome dropping off and picking up Little Blue on the bus. Him running up screaming "Daddy! Daddyman!" is freaking awesome

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