Monday, October 1, 2007

Preschool Artwork

My wife and I, after several nights of talking about what to do with the multitude of Little Blue artwork that arrives daily into our abode.

Before tonight, they were slowly accumulating into a pile on the kitchen table.

Now, with the help of some blue painter's tape, they're on the wall in Little Blue's room. Pink and I taped them up, and Little Blue told us where to put them. The tape will leave the paint on the wall. So we get to see the artwork when it comes home, and we'll stock up a weeks worth or so, then put them up on the wall.

So far it's apples and farm animals. The little man loves seeing his artwork on display, and I can get the kitchen table back!

2 highly regarded thoughts:

A few years ago, my wife had a good idea for kids artwork. In our laundry room, she put up some picture hanging wire across one wall. We now hang their masterpieces like wash on the line.

I always put things on the fridge for display and let them stay a couple of weeks. Then I would let the "artist" decide if they were ready to part with them or keep them in their room. The really special things I kept.

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