Saturday, October 20, 2007

At the Hospital, but No Babies Yet!

Pink was having contractions 3 minutes apart on Thursday night, so we checked into Shawnee Mission Medical Center at roughly 11:30pm to see what our girls were up too.

As a true child of the technology age, I was chatting online with a buddy of mine from work, so we dropped Little Blue off at his house so Little Blue could stay the night with some friendly faces (thanks Cap'n and Circumstance!).

We checked in and monitored the girls over night, and at 4am Friday morning they decided to do a 24 hour protein analysis to ensure everything was going smoothly. Pink's blood pressures were a little erratic, which indicates that the placenta may be getting a little wore out (after all they tykes are sharing one).

As of Saturday morning, everything is leaning towards bed rest in the hospital, just for monitoring. The doctors have been and and agreed it'll be best for Pink to stay in here until the girls are ready to come out or her scheduled due date on the 30th, whichever happens first. She's getting some blood work done now (the nurse was smart and brought needles AND breakfast), so she's gearing up for some eggs and toast.

Though, Pink just told me, "I want to prove to these people I can do bedrest at home!"

Grandpa Blue has a sleep over at Little Blue's house last night (actually, I think G'pa did his fantasy football and watched Transformers while Little Blue was sleeping), so they're both causing trouble this morning I'm sure.

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Good luck, doctor! Let us know if we can do anything to help!

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